"Egy dolgot utálok nagyon - unatkozni!"

Congratulations! You are at Greenway. You have already searched the house and found out a lot of facts about Agatha and her holiday home.

But unfortunately Agatha is not here, she has left.

The password to challenge 3 leads you to her book Five Little Pigs. It was filmed at Greenway.

The film (2003) is a bit different from the original story.  Let's investigate a bit more .

  • Search for some information about the book. 

  • Watch the beginning of the film until 7:15 and find out some more about the story. 

  • Answer the questions of the quiz. Click here.

Extra Task for Extra Points!!!

Learn the nursery rhyme, act it out and send a video of your performance to the following email address:  english.gyak1@gmail.com

Creative ideas are appreciated!  Here's a link for inspiration! :)  


Have a great experience! Wishing you good luck!