"Egy dolgot utálok nagyon - unatkozni!"

Dear Volunteers,

Congratulations! You got to know Hercule Poirot at Greenway. For this challenge you will also strongly need your little grey cells.

While you were staying in Devon we received a photo from a hotel manager.  He sent it to us because he saw Agatha at the place which is shown in the photo. Unfortunately Agatha disappeared while he was searching for his camera. Unfortunately the photo didn't arrive safe, it is torn into small pieces. Our next challenge is

  • Put the pieces together to get the photo. Click on preview:

preview80pieceSebők Gábor_Agatha Christie

Find and send us the following information: 

  • ​Where was the photo taken?
  • Why did Agatha visit the place?
  • Who was she with?
  • What did and didn't she like about the place?
  • What event takes place here in November every two years?

Guess what! Santa appeared at our office and presented a book to all the members of the Search for Agatha Department. We think Santa wanted to play a trick on us, none of the books is in English language. We are sure you can find out the English titles and the languages the books are written in.
Send us your ideas by clicking here.

The bookcovers: